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Cast Iron CommunityCast Iron CommunityCast Iron Community

Cast Iron Community™ is a Facebook Group with over 30,000 members. Cooking, Restoration and Collecting is our specialty.

About Us


Our Core Values

Cast Iron Community stands out from the rest to promote correct ways of Restoration through Electrolysis and Lye. We never promote wire wheels, cup brushes, sanding or heat/fire. We strive to teach folks how to save family heirlooms. We enjoy cooking and sharing recipes too! Everything from the kitchen, grilling outside and camping! Join us on Facebook and Instagram today and experience the fun of Cast Iron living. On June 4th, 2018 we added a sister Group on Facebook called Cast Iron Community Sales. You can now sale, buy and trade cast iron with members.


The "American Challenge"

We have cooking challenges for your chance to win free Cast Iron Cookware! Join us on Facebook today! No experience needed! Just fun, family oriented cooking! We give away more cast iron than any other group!


Free Random Giveaways

At random times on CIC/Facebook we also do random free giveaways! Don't miss out on this growing, exciting group on Facebook! Over 30,000 members and growing every day!


A Cast Iron Journey

 If you’re new to cast iron cooking, collecting or restoring. You can purchase Jim Anderson’s guide book from Amazon today. This is a great informational book to start your Cast Iron journey on the right foot. 

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