Building an E-Tank


Materials Needed

22 gallon Plastic Bin or Drum
6-8 gauge Copper Wire
Anode (Regular scrap steel, i.e. Lawn Mower blades or any stainless non galvanized steel)
Battery Charger (Manual Operating)
PVC Pipe or 2X4 piece of wood
Coat Hanger or long bolt to hang the cast iron from
Washing Soda (1 cups per 10 gallons) 




Put the anode metal inside of the plastic container. Secure the copper wire to the anode to where it’s wrapping around the anode or fastening with screws. Mix your washing soda into water, while filling the container until it’s almost to top. Place PVC pipe or wood 2X4 on top with a bent coat hanger to be able to hang the cast iron piece from the top. Connect the hot (red) lead to the anode metal and negative (black) lead to the wire holding the piece of cast iron. Turn on the manual charger to 10 amps.

Keep the cast iron piece in the tank for 24 hours. Other cast iron pieces that need more work may need 48 hours. Keep checking back to see if the crud and gunk is falling off into the water mixture. If it is, it’s ready to be scrubbed. An electrolysis tank will also remove all rust from your cast iron making it rust free. 



If there is some carbon crud that just won’t come off, the Easy Off method can remove that, then e-tank it a few more hours to make sure your cast iron is rust free before starting your seasoning. Any size container will work for building an e-tank if you follow the washing soda to water ratio.