CIC goes to South Pittsburg, TN in 2018

National Cornbread Festival


CIC Admins traveled to the NCF in South Pittsburg, TN. The home of Lodge Cast Iron! We had an amazing trip!

Last Weekend in April


Each year, the National Cornbread Festival begins in the small town of South Pittsburg, TN the last weekend of April.

Lodge Foundry Tours


Lodge Cast Iron does Foundry Tours and it's the only time the public is allowed to see inside the daily operations of Lodge!

Cast Iron Exchange


Friends from all over the USA come to meet one another and exchange some awesome cast iron, build friendships and chat!

Friendly Staff at Lodge


During the tours, Lodge has many staff members to show and explain how they do things! CIC Admins talked to several workers.

Friends Become Family


Memories are made for a lifetime! Online friends get to meet from all over the USA! NC/WI/MN/MS/UT