Seasoning Cast Iron

BuzzyWaxx, LLC

BuzzyWaxx is a newly developed Cast Iron Seasoning and Conditioning Disc made from Grapeseed oil, Canola oil and local Beeswax. You simply preheat your cast iron in the oven on 480-500 degrees. Once the preheat cycle is complete, remove your cast iron and apply the BuzzyWaxx.  Use a rag or towel to wipe BuzzyWaxx all over the item, then using another rag or towel wipe it back off good. Place the skillet in the oven upside down on 480-500 for an hour and a half. Repeat three to four times as needed. For more information on BuzzyWaxx, see the links below. This item beats anything on the market today! Made for Cast Iron People by Cast Iron People! Let your Cast Iron feel the Buzz!

Crisco Seasoning Method

Clean cast iron really good. Wipe with Crisco covering all of the pan. Place in the oven at 500 degrees. Remove after three minutes and wipe off all excess oil. Place back in the oven for one hour, then cut off the oven and let it cool. Repeat until you reach the desired seasoning. ~ Casey Aldridge

Canola Oil Seasoning Method

Bare cast iron, after stripped and cleaned. I conduct my final wash with Dawn and a SOS soap pad. I then dry off my Cast Iron Skillet, I do this just with a towel and do not "heat" it in the oven or stove top. (Some won't agree)  I then take a rag and coat it with 100% Canola Oil. After the cast iron is covered in canola oil, I start wiping the oil back off with a clean portion of the rag. You need to do this until it's almost dry again with a thin layer of oil only. When you think you wiped enough off, wipe it off again. One mistake many folks make is leaving too much oil on the Cast Iron and too much will make oil spot up on it during seasoning.  I then place the cast iron skillet upside down in the oven and turn the oven setting on 475 degrees to make sure the smoke point of the canola oil is reached. You have to know the smoke point of any oil you use. ~ Jamie Grigg